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Mortgage Interest Rates

Rates as of May 23, 2022

Monthly and Bi-Weekly Fixed Interest Rates

Monthly Fixed Mortgage Interest Rates
TermInterest RatePointsAPR*No Closing Costs Interest Rate***APR*Minimum Down


204.750%04.88%Not AvailableNot Available5%
204.625%14.88%Not AvailableNot Available5%
204.500%24.87%Not AvailableNot Available5%
204.375%34.87%Not AvailableNot Available5%
30**5.250%05.35%Not AvailableNot Available5%
30**5.125%15.31%Not AvailableNot Available5%
30**5.000%25.28%Not AvailableNot Available5%
30**4.875%35.24%Not AvailableNot Available5%

Get a discount of 0.125% off of the No Closing Cost Mortgage interest rate with Auto Pay from a Capital Bank checking or savings account.

Monthly Fixed Mortgage Loan Payment Examples (assume 0 points)

Monthly Fixed Mortgage Loan Payment Examples
Term (Years)Amount BorrowedMonthly Payment (not including Escrow or PMI)Total Loan & Interest




Monthly Fixed No Closing Costs Mortgage Payment Examples (assume 0 points)

Monthly Fixed Mortgage Loan Payment Examples
Term (Years)Amount BorrowedMonthly Payment (not including Escrow or PMI)Total Loan & Interest



*APR = Annual Percentage Rate
**Bi-Weekly rates are not offered on our 30 year-term mortgage offers.

The information provided assumes the purpose of the loan is to purchase a property, with a loan amount of $50,000 and an estimated property value of $62,500. Payments reflect the principle and interest only. The property is an existing single family home and will be used as a primary residence. These mortgage rates are based upon a variety of assumptions and conditions. Your loan's interest rate will depend upon the specific characteristics of your loan transaction. Contact the Real Estate Lending Department for details. 

***No closing costs means no:  origination fees/points, application fees, flood-check fees, credit-report fees, appraisal fees, mortgage-recording fees, title search fees, lender title insurance fees, bank-attorney fees and mortgage-recording tax.  Valid on primary residence or second home, 1-4 family residential properties only.  Valid on 10 and 15-year terms only. Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) is required on loans with less than 20% down payment.  You will be required to reimburse the Bank fees paid to third parties that were waived as part of the no-closing cost mortgage if it is closed or discharged within the first three (3) years after the opening date.  The Bank will not pay for a survey, nor any other item that is ordinarily paid for by the seller.  Refinances of an existing Chemung Canal/Capital Bank mortgage requires $50,000 in new money. 


Click here to access Adjustable-Rate Mortgage interest rates through our Online Mortgage and Home Equity Center.

  • Interest rates subject to change without notice
  • All loans subject to credit approval
  • Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) is required for loans with less than 20% down

For more information please contact one of our mortgage professionals:

Mary Beth Uebrick: (518) 742-6240
Kelly Bailey: (518) 708-9944